A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Local multiplayer top-down shooter for 2 to 4 players.

Gamers enthusiastically describe Bratwurst as a cross between old-school games like Asteroids and Tanks. Combining a modern look with retro sensibilities, Bratwurst appeals to players of all ages. Do you prefer sneaky range attacks or going in guns a-blazing?  Find the ship and weapon that best match your play style and challenge your friends to battle.

The first incarnation of Bratwurst was an indie title released on the Amiga 1200 in 1995. Bratwurst was originally written in Assembler as  cave flyer game in the vein of Thrust, Gravity Force, Roketz and Turbo Raketti. Here is a video clip from the 1995 Amiga version of Bratwurst.

This 2019 rendition of Bratwurst is a re-imagining of the classic game, designed for a new audience by one of the creative minds behind the original. Bratwurst 2019 features 7 ships, 5 special weapons, and lots of action.

Version history

v0.22018-11-03Bug fixes, balanced ships and weapons
Bug fixes, minor improvements
Early access beta.

Install instructions

Download & Install instructions

1. Choose the version to download below (Windows or Mac).

2. Locate & unzip the downloaded file.

3. Launch the executable.

4. Switch to the Input tab to set up the inputs for up to four players. (P1 through P4).

5. Switch back to the Graphics tab and select the desired screen resolution.

6. Click Play!


Bratwurst 2019 Win v0.2.zip 39 MB
Bratwurst 2019 MacOS v0.2.app.zip 45 MB


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Oh wow, I'd never completely forgotten playing this game on my A1200, and now I can play it again.

Right, Christmas coming up, so hopefully I can play both my brothers at this and beat the pants of them again like I used to :)

Oh boy, oh boy! Let me know how it goes!! You can hook up 4 controllers, or use the keyboard just like in the old days. Have fun!